Energy storage unit

A network-independent solution with the new energy storage unit - greater efficiency, reduction in noise emissions and optimised generator utilisation for use at construction sites, bridge renovations or tunnel construction are just some of the results realised with the new energy storage system.

The principle behind it is simple but efficient: When the generator is running, it supplies the connected consumers with electricity and simultaneously recharges the batteries installed in the energy storage unit.

The energy storage unit absorbs peak loads and this allows the generators to operate in their performance-optimised range. Diesel generators can now be designed to be smaller and more cost-efficient. If the decrease in the load drops, then the generator will stop automatically and the energy storage unit will silently feed the consumers that have to be supplied from its batteries. Consumers with a lower load decrease will be supplied solely from the energy storage unit. If consumers with a high load reduction, e.g. a crane system, are being used, then the energy storage unit will restart the generator automatically and automatically synchronise it to the grid. The two units will then be working together and the power from the two of them will be added together.