A power generator for every use! - DUPLEX in a nutshell



When no electronics were used with the units, asynchronous generators were needed to produce so-called “clean” current, and synchronous generators to handle the “hard starts”.


With Duplex technology, the electronic controller unit regulates itself individually to each drive engine and reacts appropriately before the engine is overstrained. In this way, reserve output can be mobilized and the Duplex generator powers even the heaviest inductive appliances and protects sensitive appliances from damage. Therefore all of the advantages of asynchronous and synchronous generators are combined 
in the DUPLEX system and terminate and this ends the discussion about which technology is the better, synchronous or asynchronous.

Advantages at a glance:

Advantages at a glance:
• Combines and strengthens the advantages of asynchronous and synchronous generators
• WCT technology: W = wear-free C = contact-free T = trouble-free
• Simultaneous use by electronic and inductive appliances
• Brushless, electronically regulated synchronous alternator
• Brushless technology - therefore 20,000 operating hours
• Protection Class IP 54 — protected from dust and spray
• 200% Suitable for asymmetric load in actual operation
• Voltage stability +/- 1% with 3~ alternators
• Up to 4 times the starting current
• 100% short-circuit-proof
• Distortion factor ≤ 5%

The fine distinction:

The ENDRESS DUPLEX system is an intelligent excitation machine that works where carbon brushes that are traditionally  wear-prone are used.In connection with the power electronics, it represents the pinnacle of modern power generation technology

Greater safety with IP 54. Why is IP 54 so important?

Generators of protection class IP 54 are protected from the smallest dust particles and spray water. This not only lengthens your generator’s life, but most of all protects the people who work with it.

Dimensions: small! Power: huge! The same pure power as a large unit!

Where heavy stationary plants of up to 15 kVA had to be used in the past, a 13 kVA DUPLEX power generator is sufficient today. A brushless DUPLEX generator can bypass the starting currents with up to 4 times the rated current. First in its class — for better mobility.

Clean power for sensitive consumers. What is "clean power"?

Electronic appliances, such as welding equipment, computers, TVs, stereos, heating systems or various electronic controls require constant power and a stable frequency. Our DUPLEX technology protect your appliance by producing a voltage constant of up to ± 1% of nominal voltage (230V).